Blythe pant, teal


the fancy pants that are also the every dang day pants. The linen summer pants that are also the winter pants - add boots, wool socks and a chunky sweater and you're off to the races. 

wide, straight leg, cropped length. stretchy. DEEP pockets. mid rise, thick elastic waistband. The weight of this linen is substantial, it has a voluptuous hand and drape, it feels like butter on the skin and just gets better with wear and time.


100% linen

A midweight linen, prewashed and ready to wear. Most of the shrinkage has been accounted for (product specs reflect the washed garment) but expect a bit more if you machine wash and dry on the regular. This natural fibre may also also fade over time, to preserve the colour and life of this garment, hand wash and hang to dry. For a crisp new look, press on medium heat or steam. Personally, I love to give the hang-dried clothes a good shake to remove some of the line-dry crunchiness, or just have a mini-dance party after I put on my freshly cleaned clothes.


Please contact me if you have questions on the fit or would like a pair made special for you - I can do custom length or made to your measurements :)

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