Clothing for children, ages 0 to 10 years. Designed and manufactured in small runs in Winnipeg, the longitudinal heart of Canada, out of high quality, natural textiles. Impeccably designed: for now, for hand-me-downs, for future generations.



Let kids be kids.

And that includes getting messy, exploring nature, and expressing themselves as individuals. We design our garments to be functional for play and have room to grow, because kids should wear whatever they like, no matter their gender. Our collections feature garments that transition with the seasons and aim to become staple pieces in your child's wardrobe.


Environmental Responsibility

We wish to minimize our impact on the planet. To do so, we use recycled/upcycled materials and reuse/reduce our waste wherever possible. All our packaging can be composted, recycled or reused the next time you have a gift to give. We only work with fabrics that are natural and organic fibres, or used to be pop bottles (but only rarely!). Our fabric cutoffs and scraps are repurposed by fellow makers for dolls, bows, and stuffing. Even the thread clippings find new homes, literally, for the birds.

As consumers ourselves, we bring our own bags for produce, shop bulk, and choose quality second-hand items over new. We've learned that simple living is best - owning fewer, better items. We wish to leave our planet healthy and beautiful, for our children and many generations to come.



From our materials, to how and where our clothing is produced, to the cost breakdown, we want you to know what we know. We want you to compare our pricing to the standard for premium clothing brands. We encourage you to ask us anything about our products, and if we don't know the answer up front, we will find the answer from our supply chain.